Application Deadline:

October 30th 

HiViz Lighting, INC is looking for a multitasking go-getter to fill a need in our business with tasks that involve administration, logistics, customer service and providing overall general support to the team. We need someone who is the king or queen of organization and is extremely proficient at technology. We also need you to be bold enough to help keep the team on-time and on-task but with a fun and calm and “I make this look easy” personality. This position has the capacity to truly elevate our team so get ready for mass amounts of appreciation!


Application Deadline:

Open until filled

Imagine your worst experience with a salesperson. What did you think and how did you feel about it? If the word “slimy” came to mind...we hear you. Gross. We’re looking for the OPPOSITE of whatever you just imagined. Do you believe there is more to sales than just fancy dinners and rounds of golf? Do you recognize the names Pat Lencioni, Dale Carnegie, John Maxwell and Dave Ramsey? Are you a sales professional who truly believes that business should be used to make a positive impact on your community?


If so, keep reading.


Does building an army of go-getters who can help a business literally save lives sound appealing?  Are you well versed in a variety of sales methodologies, and capable of evaluating and speaking to the pros vs cons as it relates to new opportunities?  Are you comfortable dealing with CEOs and Executive Leaders in a variety of companies (internal and outward facing)?  Does developing a winning strategy keep your brain turning for hours?


HiViz LED Lighting isn’t your average place to work.  We’re a rapidly growing team of public safety professionals, baptized by the fire of first hand experiences in the field, who are on a mission to help First Responders do their jobs more safely and effectively after dark, so they can SAVE LIVES.  To be very specific, we manufacture lighting and other technology for emergency vehicles, and we are looking for a new Director of Sales.


Application Deadline:

October 30th 2020

Do you consider yourself a problem solver? Do you think and dream in 3D and treat SOLIDWORKS as an extension of your brain and arms? When you interact with objects in your everyday life, do you think about how they could function better and what you would do to improve them? Do you love using your skills to take an idea from Concept —> Design —> 3D Print —> Full Production? Are you a nerd, and proud of it? If you answered yes to each of these, we want to hear from you!

We are a manufacturer of lighting products for the emergency services market with a mission to “help first responders work more safely and effectively after dark, so that they can help others”. We need a mechanical engineer who is energized and passionate about their craft who likes to work and has a desire to solve real world problems.


Application Deadline:

October 30th 2020

Are you good at understanding people, and figuring out exactly what makes them tick? Do you love looking behind the curtain of a brand to understand how they engage with their target audience? Does your brain keep you up at night thinking about content? Do you know your way around a cinema camera and final cut pro? Good, because HiViz LED Lighting is looking for a Creative Director who can also cut together a sweet video or two or ten.


The mission of HiViz LED Lighting is to “help first responders work more safely and effectively after dark”. We make lighting technologies to help them achieve that and we use marketing to push that mission, promote the best lighting tech on the market and invite our customers to be part of our brand.

HiViz LED Lighting
PO Box 565, Naples, NC 28760
Phone: 703-662-3458


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